San Francisco to the Oregon Coast to Lake Tahoe in 18 days

Activities: Scenic Drives, State Parks & National Lands

If you’ve never been to the West Coast, there’s a lot to try and take in and an overwhelming amount of information to try and research. Here’s a route that starts you off in San Francisco, takes you through the California Redwoods to the Southern Oregon Coast and on to Crater Lake and Lake Tahoe. You’ll get a small taste of some of the best things the West Coast has to offer. Download your itinerary here.

You’ll see if you can wrap your arms a mighty redwood, you’ll cross into Oregon and decide that EVERY state should have a law that beaches are public land. You’ll visit the famed home of Louis Simpson and wonder what it might’ve been like to wake up to the crashing waves below you, you’ll taste wine from a barrel in the Umpqua and Applegate valleys and wonder why it never tastes this good in a restaurant. You’ll finally understand what people mean when they talk about how blue the water is at Crater Lake and find out there’s so much more to the Shakespeare Festival then just Shakespeare. You’ll cross another state line and be amazed in Lake Tahoe, you’ll  try to decide which water was bluer and you’ll promise yourself to pay more attention the next time as you’ll already be plotting your return.

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