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Welcome to the Official Blog for The Coos Bay – North Bend Visitor & Convention Bureau! We believe there is no place like the Oregon Coast and want to share stories, events, photos and more information in our blog.

We have world class fishing, dunes, beaches, hiking trails, bird watching, gardens, unique gift, craft and antique shops, casinos, music, museums- and more. The Oregon’s Adventure Coast is an all season destination, with surprises and memories around every turn. We have a variety of fun itineraries, and offer oodles of other great ideas for your next adventure!

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Cheap and Free Coos Bay

Posted by TravelCoosBay on March 3, 2016

Let’s not mince words here. We’re big fans of cheap. Cheap is awesome, that’s just a proven fact. And even better than cheap is free!  Nothing beats spending an awesome day with friends without the unsettling feeling of &#8220…

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Golden and Silver Falls

Posted by TravelCoosBay on February 5, 2016

Updated March 2018 Spring is right around the corner and the need for fresh-aired exploration can be too great to ignore. Fortunately, there is the perfect solution right here on Oregon’s South Coast. Pack your bag, grab a camera, get your…

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Posted by TravelCoosBay on January 19, 2016

Make Oregon’s Adventure Coast Your Destination for a Romantic Getaway! Ahhhhh…Valentine’s Day. Now that this annual celebration of love is just around the corner, have you made your plans? If not, don’t panic. There is still…

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Best Restaurants North Bend

Posted by TravelCoosBay on January 15, 2016

Oregon’s Adventure Coast is a haven for foodies and sport eaters alike. You may have seen our top five Coos Bay eateries to hit up in 2016, and the time has come for us to reveal our top 5 restaurants that North Bend has to offer this new year…

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regon Dungeness Crab

Posted by TravelCoosBay on January 11, 2016

A fresh Dungeness crab meal is something every Oregon Coast visitor should experience during their stay. Many adventurous travelers enjoy catching their own Dungeness crab in the waters of lower Coos Bay for an unforgettable feast. We are following…

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Posted by TravelCoosBay on January 10, 2016

Whether you like catching them or just eating Dungeness Crab, now is the time to plan your Oregon Coast adventure and go crabbing on the Southern Oregon Coast. Don’t forget to come on down for this year’s annual Charleston Crab Feed…

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Coos Bay Restaurants

Posted by TravelCoosBay on December 28, 2015

The outstanding service and food experienced by restaurant patrons in our local dining establishments are one of the best kept secrets on Oregon’s Adventure Coast. Foodies from all over the region have told us time and time again how surprised…

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Whale Watching

Posted by TravelCoosBay on December 3, 2015

Planning to take some time off for the holidays? We highly recommend adding a Whale Watching Trip on the Oregon Coast this year. It’s the perfect way to cap off 2015 while experiencing a fantastic learning opportunity for the whole family.…

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Posted by TravelCoosBay on November 10, 2015

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year….” Ask anyone who has visited Oregon’s South Coast during the holiday season, and they will probably tell you this season is pure magic. There is truly something festive in the…

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Holiday Shopping Oregon Coast

Posted by TravelCoosBay on November 3, 2015

See what Oregon’s Adventure Coast has to offer this gift giving this season. There’s no rule that says you have to wait until “Black Friday” to find great deals on amazing holiday gifts. There are a bounty of holiday treasures…

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