First Time Running in the Prefontaine Memorial Run? Follow These Tips!

Posted by TravelCoosBay on July 10, 2017

If you’re planning to join the thousands of runners from all over the country for the 38th Annual Prefontaine 10K Run, you are probably already training!  The 2016 Prefontaine Memorial Run, a challenging 10K road race across one of Steve Prefontaine’s training courses, takes place here in Coos Bay on Saturday, September 16th, 2017.

For both newbies and avid runners alike, the Prefontaine Memorial Run promises to be another truly memorable event worthy of the man himself, Steve “Pre” Prefontaine. Register online to guarantee your spot in the race!


If this is your first time planning to run a 10k, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the task ahead.  Have no fear, by following these tips and you’ll be ready to go come September.

Find the Right Training Plan

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!  It takes weeks to get into tip top shape, so it’s critical to following a 10K training plan right for you! What days will you run? How far? Prepare to have some days where you go slower, some days where you run faster, and days where you run further. A simple online search will bring you hundreds of viable 10K training programs, though many new runners have found the Hal Higdon Training Programs to be easy to follow.

Train with a friend

Nothing brings out the best training and strengthens one’s commitment quite like a training partner.  You’re more likely to stick to your program if you are accountable to someone.  Ask around and see if you can find a friend or neighbor who also enjoys running or is training for a race.  You can also do some quick searches to find running clubs and running groups in your community.

Learn The Route

If possible aim to do your training on the route where the 10k will take place. Familiarity will help you avoid any surprises come race time and allow your body to adjust to the course.

If you can’t train in person at the location, study it online to get a good feeling for what type of race it will be.

Get The Right Gear

You’ll want shoes that help you, not hinder you. There are running shoes for different types of runners so do some research and find which is the right kind for you.

Take It Slow

As you’re pushing yourself further and further, you’ll want to fit in runs where you approach the run in a happier pace. This will train your body for stronger, faster, and longer runs down the road.

Go Faster

Of course you’ll also want to fit in training where you run at a faster pace. Once a week you should train by running two minute bursts of hard effort sprints. Warm up, start with an easy run, then go into hard effort sprints for about 10 minutes.

Go On Adding More Distance

Once a week try adding a bit more distance to your run, for instance half a mile. You’ll build up endurance and will soon find yourself being able to handle the 10k.

Warm Up Before Running

This goes double for the day of the race. Use some jogs and easy running to get your body ready to go the distance. You don’t want to start the 10k having to warm up mid-race.

The Pain Will Pass

Your body may feel a burning pain as you run the 10k due to lactate buildup in your muscles. Don’t let it worry you, it will pass by the time you’re finished.

Don’t Overthink It

It’s easy to stress out or worry about your performance on the 10k, but approach it with a positive attitude and you’ll be fine. After al, this is what you’ve been training for!

Follow these tips and you’ll be ready to face the 10k head on! If you need a little more help consider checking the following sources:

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