Wrap Up 2016 with Oregon’s Annual Winter Whale Watch Week

Posted by TravelCoosBay on December 8, 2016

Gray Whales migrating along the Oregon Coast. Photo Credit: Whale Watching Spoken Here
Photo Credit: Whale Watching Spoken Here®

The end of another year is approaching which means it’s time for the gray whales make their annual journey from the arctic waters of the Bering and Chukchi seas to the warmer waters near Baja Mexico. Whale watchers will often see gray whales from Oregon’s shore nearly year-round, but the last week of the year is special.

December 27th through December 31st is Oregon Parks and Recreation Department’s Winter Whale Watch Week, one of the peak migration weeks of the year. Expert volunteers from the Whale Watching Spoken Here® program will be stationed at 24 locations on the Oregon Coast each day during Winter Whale Watch Week from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to help curious whale watchers to spot the migrating whales and learn more about them.

“The winter and spring Whale Watch Weeks along the Oregon coast are recognized as some of the best opportunities to view the annual gray whale migration anywhere in the world,” it says on organization’s website.”Researchers estimate that 18,000-plus gray whales now live in the eastern north Pacific area. About 30 whales per hour migrate past the Oregon coast during the peak southbound migration.”

Shore Acres State Park is one of designated whale watching sites along the Oregon Coast.

The gray whales pass the Oregon coast again on their way back north in early Spring. The Whale Watching Spoken Here® volunteers will be back at their stations March 25th through March 31st 2017 to assist visitors, so we hope we’ll see you again in the spring!

Shore Acres State Park is located on the Cape Arago Highway, 13 miles southwest of Coos Bay/North Bend and U. S. Highway 101. Please visit shoreacres.net for park information and regulations.


The Whale Watching Spoken Here® Tuesday, December 27th through Saturday, December 31st 2016

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