Oregon Adventure Coast: Fishing at it’s Best

Posted by TravelCoosBay on May 30, 2014

Whether you prefer saltwater or freshwater fishing, there is an endless choice of prime fishing spots on Oregon’s Adventure Coast!  Between the bay, ocean and 30+ lakes and rivers, this area is an angler’s dream come true and summer is the perfect time to plan your fishing adventure. We put together the following lists to help you plan:

Best Fishing Opportunities for June & July:

June:  *Salmon (Ocean), Rockfish/Bottomfish, Halibut, Surfperch, Crabbing, Clamming, Trout (Lakes), Trout (Streams), Largemouth Bass, Bluegills, and Yellow Perch

July: *Salmon (Ocean), Rockfish/Bottomfish, Albacore Tuna, Halibut, Crabbing, Clamming, Largemouth Bass, Bluegills, Yellow Perch

*The ODFW is projecting high return numbers for Pacific Salmon this year!  Click here to see their stats.  For year round fishing info, download our fishing rack card.

Where to Go:

Chinook Salmon – Pacific Ocean
Albacore Tuna– Pacific Ocean
Halibut-Pacific Ocean
Bluegill – Butterfield Lake, Empire Lakes, Powers Park Pond, Saunders Lake
Clams (gaper, cockle, littleneck, softshell and butter)- tidelands of Coos Bay
Dungeness crab-lower Coos Bay
Largemouth Bass – Bradley Lake, Butterfield Lake, Eel Lake, Empire Lakes, Hall Lake, Powers Park Pond, Saunders Lake, Tenmile Lakes.
Yellow Perch – Empire Lakes, Saunders Lake, Tenmile Lakes
Cutthroat Trout – Bradley Lake, Coquille River (east fork), Coquille River (middle fork), Coquille River (north fork), Coquille River (south fork), Eel Lake, Hall Lake, Millicoma River (east fork), Millicoma River (west fork), New River, Shuttpelz Lake, Tenmile Lakes, Tioga Creek.
Rainbow Trout – Bluebill Lake, Bradley Lake, Butterfield Lake, Coquille River (south fork), Eel Lake, Empire Lakes, Sru Lake, Powers Park Pond, Saunders Lake, Tenmile Lakes.
Searun Cutthroat Trout – Coos River, Coos River (south fork), Coquille River (north fork), Millicoma River.
Surfperch – Coos Bay, Bastendorff Beach, Horsfall Beach, Cape Arago State Park
Sturgeon (White) – Coos Bay

Psssst…it is also a little known secret that kayakers with proper equipment are also finding great catch off of places like Sunset Bay State Park (when ocean conditions permit)!

Fishing Coos Bay

Here are some more local tips and resources:

  • Our local bait and tackle shops are going to be your BEST resource! Always check with them on conditions, regulations, equipment, etc. You can also check with local charter fishing operators. These businesses are usually happy to share pointers with visiting anglers.  You can find these businesses at www.baitnet.com.Here are a few that we recommend:

Basin Tackle Shop 63510 Kingfisher Rd, Coos Bay. 541-888-3811
Bites – On Tackle 750 Newmark Ave, Coos Bay. 541-888-4015
Englund Marine 91146 Cape Arago Highway Coos Bay. 541-888-6623

  • If you are 14 years old or older, you must obtain an Oregon fishing license.  Daily licenses are available. Most fishing charters, bait shops and sporting goods stores can supply these for you. Click here for locations.
  • If you are a beginning angler, there is a huge advantage to using a chartered fishing company. They can provide the expertise, instruction, the right equipment, bait and more. Charter boat operators can help plan half-day and full-day trips for any size group. Chartered fishing companies also know specific seasons, catch limits and conditions, so you won’t have to worry. Here are 3 local companies to help get you started:

Betty Kay Charters Charleston, OR 97420 (541) 888-9021
Charleston Boat Basin Charleston, OR 97420 (541) 267-9516 541-404-5517
Pacific Charter Services 476 Newmark Ave Coos Bay, OR 97420 (541) 294-2243

  • If you prefer to go at in on your own, check with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife for the most up to date recreation report and also check for local information about specific seasons, catch limits and conditions. Please note, whenever surf fishing, consult tidal charts, weather conditions and beware that sneaker waves occur on the Oregon Coast. Never turn your back on the ocean.

So come down and visit this summer! The fish are biting! For more fishing season information rules & regulations and license requirements check with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Click here for more tips on Saltwater Fishing and click here for a list of local fresh water fishing destinations.

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