Ahh Shucks….Oysters Have a Unique History on the Oregon Coast

Posted by TravelCoosBay on March 21, 2013

Photo: Bay Coos Bay Oyster Co-Op (May 27, 1949) Courtesy of Coos Historical and Maritime Museum:995-1.5643.1

The 2013 Ahh Shucks Oyster Feed is coming up and we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of our oyster history from the past. A big thanks goes to the Coos Historical and Maritime Museum for providing these photos!

Oysters have been enjoyed since ancient times and you will find some of the best oyster dishes you have ever tasted on the Southern Oregon Coast.  In fact, we have a long history of farming oysters and festivals celebrating Oregon’s bounty have been a popular tradition here for many years!


Oyster Farm (March 1947) Photo Courtesy of Coos Historical and Maritime Museum: 995-1.5643.2


Oyster Bonanza (March 1959): Photo Courtesy of Coos Historical and Maritime Museum: 009-16.12745

Oyster lovers gather annually now at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Cafeteria for the Aww Shucks Oyster Feed in Charleston for one day to enjoy an oyster feast like no other.  There is simply no better way to celebrate Oregon’s Bounty!

Ahh Shucks Oyster Feed
Saturday April 27, 2013 from 12-4pm
63466 Boat Basin
Charleston, OR 97420

9-Oyster Meal $14, 6-Oyster Meal $12, 3-Oyster Meal $10. Oysters will be prepared in a variety of ways and served with dipping sauces, baked beans, coleslaw, bread and drink (soda, coffee, or tea). Shrimp cocktails can be added on for $1 extra! Gourmet hotdog meals ($8 Adults Meal/$5 Child’s Meal) are available for the non-oyster fan. Live Music from Dale Inskeep Band, Stacy Rose and more. Wine & Desserts sold separately.  For more information call Kathy Hornstuen at 541-404-6593.

While you are visiting, take a stroll through the Charleston Marina to take in relaxing sites. The friendly residents and merchants of Charleston will do everything possible to make your visit memorable and fun!