Exploring The Cape Arago Beach Loop on the Oregon Coast

Posted by TravelCoosBay on May 5, 2011

Photo Credit: Super Duper Fantastic

Planning to visit the Oregon Coast this spring or summer? May I recommend that you take some time to explore The Cape Arago Beach Loop during your visit!   It is a fantastic way for visitors to experience a variety of natural Pacific Coast beauty in a number of settings.

The Cape Arago Beach Loop will take you to beaches and state parks where you can take in the breathtaking vantage points and see the famous seals and sea lions on the Oregon Coast.   Here are some highlights of what you will see:

  • Bastendorff Beach:Never crowded and always beautiful, Bastendorff Beach is a must see for beach enthusiasts.
  • Sunset Bay State Park: Sunset Bay Park features beautiful sandy beaches protected by towering sea cliffs.
  • Cape Arago Lighthouse Viewpoint: There is no public access but there are great views from the viewpoint located on the Oregon Coast Trail.
  • Shore Acres State Park & Botanical Gardens: Shore Acres is an unexpected combination of beautiful natural and man-made features.
  • Simpson Beach You’ll find crashing waves, migrating whales, and views of hundreds of seals and sea lions and other wildlife. VERY IMPORTANT! Please do not bother the seal pups you may find on the beach. They are not lost, only waiting for mom to return.
  • Shell Island Interpretive Stop Part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Shell Island and the surrounding reefs provide breeding and rest areas for sea birds and Marine mammals.

How to Explore The Cape Arago Beach Loop
From Hwy 101, head west on Newmark Avenue (just south of the Mill Casino). Follow the road until you reach the Stop sign at the End, follow the signs and turn left onto Cape Arago Hwy. Follow this road, once you cross the bridge into Charleston, the road will fork; veer to the right to head for the docks, or veer to the left to follow the Cape Arago Beach Loop. This road will eventually loop back around.

Some tips:

If you explore the Cape Arago Beach Loop and send us your feedback and photos!  We would love to hear about your experience and suggestions and ideas for future itineraries!